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      Production outsourcing

      1.Project outsourcing


      Customers outsource the execution and management responsibility of a task or service to professional outsourcing service providers and pays fees according to the results of evaluation on the service of project. In the process of management and operation for normal business, if enterprise encounters the requirements of temporary or short-term projects, there are some problems if hiring formal personnel, such as increasing costs and leaving or staying of personnel after finishing project, etc. Therefore, enterprise can adopt the overall project outsourcing strategy to solve these problems.

      (2)Service items:

      Customer maintenance:

      daily communication and visit

      survey on the satisfaction of customers

      the improvement of problems on survey and feedback

      monthly reporting mechanism

      Blue collar service:

      human resource management of blue collar

      employee care of blue collar

      planning and organization of blue collar activity

      Project management:

      operation and monitoring mechanism of project

      ERP management system

      12H mechanism for solving problems


      2.Outsourcing of production line

      (1) Description:

      Outsourcing of production line means that customers outsource their internal non-core products and solutions to professional outsourcing service providers, and enterprises provide factory buildings, machinery and equipment and technical support. Suppliers recruit employees, operate and manage independently, accept enterprise supervision and ultimately carry out settlement with qualified products or effective working hours according to the standards of enterprises. Outsourcing business of production line is the star business of Qihe, which has provided high-quality outsourcing services for many top 500 enterprises in the world at present.

      (2)Service items:

      Enterprises hand over non-core production sections and auxiliary posts to professional outsourcing service providers. Suppliers will provide professional production and management services to reduce costs and improve efficiency for solving the problem of employment in low and peak season.

      Risk avoidance:

      risk of human labor

      transfer of material loss

       risk transfer of quality delivery

      Cost optimization:

      internal mechanism revitalization and efficiency improvement

      reduction in the costs of quality rework

      reduction in the training costs of personnel

      focus on enterprise strategies and focus on research and development


        3.Inspection outsourcing

      Enterprises entrust professional outsourcing service providers to carry out the inspection and testing work of products and undertake quality inspection links in the production and manufacturing of enterprises, which includes product inspection, product classification and selection, etc. so as to avoid management pressure and employment risk caused by temporary and phased employment and to reduce the comprehensive costs of enterprises.

      4.Warehousing and logistics outsourcing


      Enterprises hand over the issuance and arrangement of materials in warehouse and the out-coming and incoming management of finished goods, the distribution of goods and other businesses to professional outsourcing service providers. The outsourcing service providers will reduce logistics costs and improve the quality of comprehensive services by optimizing the management of logistics.


      (2) Service items:

      (1)Risk avoidance:

      Risk of human labor

      Adjustment of temporary employment demand

      (2)Cost optimization:

      saving the cost of redundancy

      Internal mechanism revitalization and efficiency improvement

      Reduction in the training costs of personnel

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