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      Company Profile

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      As a professional service organization of human resources, Qihe Group has made positive efforts and beneficial attempts to promote the development and progress of social public welfare all the way while providing high-quality human resources services and promoting social employment. Under the guidance of the concept of social responsibility, a number of public welfare practice activities shall be carried out to actively contribute to society and fulfill the social responsibility of enterprise. Since its establishment, company has visited and donated hundreds of poor families. Group assumes social responsibilities and sets up special “charitable funds” to help the poor, grants “Qishun scholarship” to outstanding students and issues “Qihe grant” to students from poor families.

      Caritable Ativities:

      1. Donate 10,000 Yuan to the Red Cross in the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008.

      2.  upport more than 100 poor families from 2011 to 2016.

      3. Provide one hundred thousand yuan for the students of Western Love Association in China in 2014. 

      4. Donate 2 kilometers of repairing cement road to Quxi village from hometown in 2015.

      5. Visit 20 families suffering from severe disasters due to devastating tornado disaster in the Funing of Yancheng in 2016.

      6. Visit left-behind children and education aid in 2017.

      7. Donate two hundred thousand yuan of notebook computers to poverty alleviation in northern Shaanxi in 2017.

      8. Launch the poverty alleviation scholarship of Qihe Group in 2018.

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